Why Customers Choose TSI

TSI believes that customer satisfaction can only be achieved when competent, well-trained technicians provide service. To maintain this goal, TSI provides training for all of its technicians on a continuous basis to keep them the best trained in the business.

  • Factory Product Line Training TSI utilizes professional instructors and experienced technicians to train mechanics on specific product lines. Training inlcudes onsite hands on activities and in depth classroom materials. The topics are developed and taught on a comprehensive basis, providing specific training by machine groups.
  • Annual Updated Training Each year TSI provides week long training sessions to all technicians for updating on new products, new systems, the latest troubleshooting, and testing techniques. The students also have opportunities during these sessions to ask questions and exchange real life solutions that they have experienced in the field.
  • Service Bulletins Service bulletins are sent to all technicians. These bulletins provide the technicians with the latest updates and procedures for all equipment and system changes.

Finest Equipped In The Business

TSI utilizes the most advanced technologies to date to ensure that you are receiving the best service available. Our service and parts truck fleet includes 100 fully oufitted trucks.

  • Service TrucksEach service truck carries an extensive parts inventory, company supplied tools, gauges, meters, and compressors. The handheld MSS Mobile Service System equipped in each service vehicle brings handheld computing to both field repair and shop applications.
  • On-Site CommunicationsField technicians have been outfitted with equipment to receive and transmit data using multiple communication methods. Each field mechanic is issued a portable and mobile computer. These laptop computers are fitted with a Cellular Digital Packing Data (CDPD) that uses cellular communications to connect to the main network. Field technicians can initiate work orders, reference online parts books, and capture signatures.
  • Technical Support TSI’s Technical Service Department is staffed by experts in each of the equipment categories. These experts are available to the technicians whenever a service question arises.

Preventative Maintenance

TSI knows the factory schedules for planned maintenance and maintains your equipment in the best possible working condition.

Equipment Relocation & Erection

TSI will arrive on the job with the equipment necessary to assemble, disassemble, and/or relocate all types of equipment at your site, anywhere in North America.

Call-Out Maintenance

TSI operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Technicians are on call and available for emergency and after hour callout via cell phone and data services.

Annual & Quarterly Inspections

TSI is proactive in their approach to maintenance. Scheduled inspections will point out service life of equipment components anticipating the need for adjustment, repair, or replacement.

Factory Authorized Modifications & Upgrades

TSI will review any request for dimensional changes or modifications and have them approved by the factory engineers.

Equipment Repair & Rebuild

TSI can perform major repairs at the job site. Rebuilding is performed by disassembling and moving the equipment to one of TSI’s full service facilities for completion.