We realize and practice that the responsibility in the area of safety lies in the hands of each and every employee within our company, as well as our contractors, vendors, and service partners.  The Lanco safety department is dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for everyone.  We press on everyday with the main goal to have target zero accidents in everything we do.  This includes looking out for each other as a team.

“Safety Is Our Number One Focus!”

At Lanco Group of Companies, there is no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take the time to perform our work with safety as our primary focus. We accomplish each job while following our Safety and Health Code of Ethics:

  • Safety is the key priority within the Lanco Group of Companies
  • Executive Management will lead the safety commitment with the highest sense of urgency.
  • Safety is a shared responsibility of everyone within our organization
  • Safety performance is a key indicator of organizational excellence and is incorporated into our business process.
  • We will communicate safety performance openly with internal and external customers.
  • All employees will be given the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to safely perform their job responsibilities.
  • We will extend our safety effort beyond the workplace to include family and communities.
  • We will commit to continually strive to improve our safety and health processes.
  • Safety within the Lanco Group of Companies is our culture.